Re~mov™ removes silicone caulks, sealants, and adhesives more effectively and quickly than any other product on the market. Any tasks that would have been near impossible, or at best time consuming, are now accomplished with ease. Re~mov™instantly breaks the bond of cured silicone without elbow grease, dip tanks, mixing, heating or special tools. The most difficult tapes and films are removed without struggle. This remarkable product is so efficient that it can actually save more money than it costs by reducing labor, lost materials, and machinery downtime. Items that typically need to be discarded can be reused. Among its varied uses, Re~mov™removes silicone caulk, polyurethane caulks, fire barrier sealant, Liquid Nails ® contact adhesive, insulation foam, water-proofing materials, tape residue, double face tape, Blue Max ®  and other protective films. The product doesn’t use flammable or corrosive chemicals and contains less than 1% Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). It will not harm most surfaces and is safer than most solvents regarding skin contact. Re~mov™is more effective than acetone and methyl ethyl keytone, both of which are extremely flammable, toxic and hazardous to the environment.

Safe On the following Surfaces:

       -Metals all types, Tools

       -Glass, Reflective glass, Mirrors

       -Wood: furniture, floors, cabinets

       -Fiberglass / gel coat

       -Plexiglas / polycarbonates, most plastics

       -Most Carpets, clothing, fabrics, vinyl and upholstery

       -Varnished, urethane or painted surfaces

       -Stone surfaces / cultured marble / Tiles

       -Formica, Corian ®, Ceramics, Enamel and Porcelain surfaces

Products that can be Removed With Re-mov™

       -Silicone; caulk {uncured or cured} adhesives, gaskets, waterproofing, lubricants & protective


       -Polyurethane adhesives & caulk {uncured or cured}

       -Glue residue from most types of adhesive, tapes, labels, sticker, and decals from equipment to

        books and binders

       -Safely removes silicone, polyurethane and adhesives from your hands, tools and equipment

       -Removes Tape, Double Face tape and Carpet Adhesives from floors or anywhere else

       -Safely removes adhesives and chewing gum from carpets, upholstery or clothing

       -Removes graffiti (spray type, enamel paint) from most concrete, brick and metal surfaces

       -Removes cleanly and completely all silicone residue from glass and Plexiglas cured or uncured

       -Removes the paper or plastic protective coating from Lexan ® sheets

       -Polyurethane Expanding Foams

       -Contact Adhesives